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Covid-19 Protocol

 I am happy and grateful to be back working and welcome clients again. I will be following Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Covid-19 procedures and screening will be completed prior to each appointment. Clients must wear a mask during treatments. If you forget yours, I will provide one. Thank you.

Chair Massage


For a chair massage or also called a seated massage, is designed for the client to be fully clothed and sitting in a specialized chair. The client will rest slightly forward, with their arms and legs supported. The face cradle will support the client's head. The therapist works muscles and knots through the client's clothes, so lotion or oil does not have to be used. Although occasionally, lotion or oil may be used. I can travel to clients, travel / set up fee will apply.

Some benefits of Chair massage 

Increases circulation
Lowers blood pressure
Boosts immune system
Lowers anxiety
Decreases stress
Relieves headaches and muscle pains
Improves sleep

 10 minutes $15.00 / 15 minutes $20.00 / 20 minutes $25.00 /
30 minutes $35.00


Senior (Eldercare) Chair Massage

 Senior / Eldercare massage is a style of bodywork that is done sitting on a portable chair. It is a safe, caring hands on massage appropriate and effective addressing the physical and emotional needs of seniors. Senior / Eldercare massage enable older adults to extend the vitality and quality of their lives. The sense of touch provides a powerful means of connection and communication to the surrounding world. It helps with releasing endorphins (the natural painkiller) into the bloodstream. I can travel to clients, travel / set fee will apply.

Some benefits of Senior / Eldercare massage

Improves circulation
Pain relief
Accelerated healing from injury & illness
Improvement in the quality of sleep
Decreases stress & anxiety

 10 minutes $10.00 / 15 minutes $15.00 / 20 minutes $20.00 /
30 minutes $30.00